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~ Personalized songs that make lifelong musical keepsakes on CD used for ~
Baptisms, Baby Showers, Newborns, Gifts from Grandparents, Memorials, Weddings, Anniversaries, Gifts for Grandparents, Birthdays, Confirmations, First Communions, Graduations & Military Tributes to those who serve.

Personalized Songs on CDWe offer personalized songs on CD custom made just for you and your loved ones. Not only are the names featured in each song, but you can also choose from a wide variety of meaningful spoken “messages” or blessings that we can narrate for you on your recording. Each thermally printed metallic gold CD comes in an elegant photo insert jewel case. You simply insert your favorite wallet sized photo upon receiving your order. Both the CD and the music manuscript (optional) are personalized with the name(s), special dates, and a “With Love From …” subtitle denoting who it is from. We take pride in our original, semi-classical orchestrated music, our blend of male/female duet harmonies, and the heart felt lyrics and special messages. We strive to provide a more serious, spiritual & meaningful approach to personalized music you won't find anywhere else … bringing family & friends closer together since 1996. Truly a lifelong keepsake from the heart!

Wedding CDHere are some brief descriptions for the seven personalized songs we offer. Simply click on the one you're interested in to hear audio samples of the songs and narrated messages, and learn more about our personalized recordings and prices. Don’t worry - we can sing any name, or any couple’s names in the songs - no matter how unusual or unique!

Music Box Productions

Music Box ProductionsPersonalized Children's Lullaby
An original personalized 25-minute sleep/relaxation musical journey on CD featuring the baby or child’s name sung in beautiful male/female harmony. Choose from a variety of narrated special messages to the child. Whether the message is from Mommy & Daddy, grandparents, or family and friends it’s a wonderful gift of love. Perfect for a unique baby shower gift, baptism gift, birthday gift or newborn gift. It’s the most enchanting and beautiful personalized lullaby you’ll ever hear … a relaxation tool and meaningful lifelong keepsake from you. A personalized decorative music manuscript is also available.
Music Box ProductionsPersonalized Moonlite Blessing
The Moonlite Blessing song is a revised version of our lullaby made appropriate for any age by using more mature lyrics and titling. A 25-minute sleep/relaxation journey designed for older children (ages 5 & up), teens…or even adults. Makes a unique gift for Graduations, Birthdays, First Communions or Confirmations. Many have used the Moonlite Blessing as an expression of love and appreciation to grandparents from the grandchildren. Titled “Grandma’s Moonlite Blessing” – We would sing Grandma in the song and narrate a special message from the grandchildren!
Music Box ProductionsPersonalized Wedding Song
A personalized custom made CD where the names of the bride and groom are sung in beautiful male/female duet style throughout the vow-like lyrics. Not only is it a unique wedding or shower gift, many people have used the song for the lighting of the candles. Or it can be a special song played at the reception or give it to the DJ to play at the dance to honor the bride and groom on their special day. You can choose a spoken wedding blessing that we narrate for you – from parents, grandparents, family or friends.
Music Box ProductionsPersonalized Anniversary Song
A personalized Anniversary song with lyrics that reflect the love and devotion of the anniversary couple with their names featured in the song. Can be used to commemorate a 1st Anniversary, 25th Anniversary, 50th Anniversary or anything in between. Check out our narrated “anniversary blessings” that can be from the spouse, children, parents or friends.
Music Box ProductionsPersonalized Memorial Blessing Song
Our personalized memorial blessing was written to honor and pay tribute to a lost loved one, as well as providing comfort and solace to those left behind. It’s expressions of love, comfort and spirituality can help with the healing process, and becomes a lasting and tangible keepsake from the heart. We have several narrated poems to choose from that can be added to your recording.
Music Box ProductionsPersonalized “Soldier’s Prayer” Song
(Adaptable for all branches of service)
Our personalized song, featuring the service member’s name, is a powerful way to express your support and appreciation for the one in your life who proudly serves. We offer slightly different variations of the song depending on the branch of service…. ”An Airman’s Prayer,” “A Soldier’s Prayer,” “A Sailor’s Prayer,” “A Marine’s Prayer,” etc. In addition the words in the chorus related to gender change slightly for female service members. This song is not only for those who serve our country, but also for their families who need hope, inspiration and a prayer for their loved one.
Music Box ProductionsPersonalized Romantic Love Song (Coming soon!)
“A romantic gift for him or her.” A unique way to express your love for that special man or woman in your life. Two styles of the personalized song to choose from; from “her to him” style or from “him to her” style. The name of the one you love is featured throughout the song’s romantic and poetic lyrics.
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